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toy safety regulations

If you make toys or children’s products to sell, you are legally required to ensure conform to safety requirements and carry a CE Mark (Conformité Européene). Many people believe you need to pay testing companies to do this for you, but this isn’t actually the case.

A large part of the CE Certification requirements is to ensure that the materials you are using comply with the European Standard EN71.

We have recently put some of our 100% acrylic and 100% pure wool yarns through this testing and are pleased to be able to offer these certificates free of charge. Download them below.

We have had a small sample from our acrylic range tested. However, you can still meet the CE requirements using all of our 100% acrylic yarns by applying the principles of ‘due diligence’. The fact that all of our yarns are made from the same materials, using the same dyeing process and chemicals and are produced in the same factory, mean you can assume that all products in that range will meet the same standards.

As a toy maker, you must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the materials you have used meet the safety requirements. So don’t forget to check your toy stuffing, safety eyes, etc.

As most of our yarns are produced outside the EU, the EN71 safety testing isn’t done at the point of manufacturing. Our suppliers do, however, supply the OEKO-TEX® certification for all of their yarns. Email us at if you would like us to send you a free copy.

Please bear in mind that it is not our yarns that carry the CE Mark, but the products that you make that require it. Our yarns simply meet the EN71 and OEKO-TEX standards – you need to do the rest!

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en71-3 certificate
acrylic yarns
en71-3 certificate
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en71-3 certificate
polyester yarns

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