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The WHOPPER has landed!

We can finally announce the arrival of this highly anticipated yarn! We have been waiting for this one since November and can't begin to explain how excited we are. Needless to say, there is a lot of squeaking and cooing going on today at Cygnet!

This 50% cotton super chunky yarn is ace. More than ace. It's incredible. It's fantastic. It's the busy bees' knees. Available in 8 incredibly bright shades, this crochets like a dream! Create super chunky clothing and homewares with this in no time!

On 8mm hooks it creates a firm texture, perfect for baskets, pouffes and rugs. On 10-12mm hooks it creates a super soft and drapey fabric perfect for chunky capes. (Patterns below are available free at

I've also just started my first knitted project in it. It's a striped sweater on 12mm needles and it is awesome. I finished the back in one evening (and I'm a relatively slow knitter). I can't describe how soft it is! You need to try it yourself! I'll be posting pics and the free pattern as soon as I've finished, so watch this space!

You can purchase Whopper Cotton from TODAY! The RRP is £3.59 for a 100g ball. Contact us on 01274 743374 or visit the Wholesale section of our site to become a stockist. Or contact your local Cygnet stockist for details of when they will be stocking this super duper awesome yarn!

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