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Whopper Cotton - May's Recommended Yarn of the Month

Whopper Cotton is a cotton revelation! With few super chunky cotton mix yarns on the market, this wonderfully fun and bright range creates perfectly colourful and chunky clothing and homewares in no time.

This 50 % Cotton / 50% Acrylic has a beautifully soft feel. Knitted or crocheted on larger needles or hooks, the weight of the yarn creates an incredible drape. On smaller hooks, you can create a more structured textile, perfect for homewares. It's also great for finger knitting!

Shades include Zinc White, Cobalt, Azure, Pesto, Canary, Tangerine, Shocking Pink & Scarlet.

Ideal for Crochet, Whopper Cotton has been used for striking blankets, perfect to add a dash of colour to any room. This lovely blanket by @jellybean_junction is available for free download and uses the full spectrum of shades in the range with the Zinc White trim giving it real POP!

Whopper Cotton is a versatile yarn for kids and adults and fun stuff too!

Girl's Cape

Whopper Toadstool


Whopper Cotton is our recommended yarn of the month of May as it's a perfect yarn for this time of year leading into Summer. It's Cotton / Acrylic Mix gives the yarn affordability without compromising on quality. Ideal for beginners and quick knits & crochet it lends itself well to projects with added fun and flair!

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