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The Twelve Months of Knitmas!!!

Phew - that's Christmas out of the way. So what's next? Probably time we turned our thoughts to Christmas 2017!?

"What?!?!", you say!?? Well every year I promise myself I will begin my Christmas knitting earlier to ensure I'm not slaving away on Christmas Eve, yet every year, you can guarantee I'm sat frantically seaming sweaters as Santa's sooty boots drop down the chimney!

Well, no more! This year I want to get us all off to a flying start and so from 1st January 2017 we will begin the Twelve Months of Knitmas!

Each month will be themed, for example: gifts for him, gifts for her, toys, homewares, decorations, stocking fillers, etc.

Patterns will be posted on our Blog, on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and you can also join our Facebook group so you can see what your fellow knitmassers are getting up to!

If you want to get involved, simply post on any social media using #12daysofknitmas

Let's get our knit on!!!!!!

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