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New in: Kiddies Super Safe & Soft DK

Our brand new bouncing baby bundle arrived last week and it's a bit special!

So what's so special??

Well, obviously it's entirely gorgeous and squishably soft, as all good baby yarns should be.

But the real selling point of this yarn is what it's made of!

Amicor™ technology

The yarn is Super Safe as it is incorporates Amicor™ technology, an intelligent anti-bacterial fibre that actively prevents the development of bacteria, fungal spores and dust mites and their associated allergens.

Baby garments quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria, with spilled milk, drool and goodness knows what else being regularly spilled. The anti-bacterial content means that bacteria cannot multiply on the garment's surface, which is especially important with newborn and premature babies.

The Amicor™ additive is added to the fibre before it is spun into yarn, which means it is contained within the fibre itself, rather than being present on the surface. This means the technology keeps working for the lifetime of the garment.

You can learn more about the science involved by visiting the Amicor website here.

Dralon™ technology

The anti-pilling quality of the yarn is all down to the 70% Dralon™ acrylic content. Dralon™ fibres create deliciously soft, durable garments that retain their quality, wash after wash. The acrylic microfibres create an inner strength to the yarn that mean the fibres stay in tact, even when put through all of the trials a young baby or toddler could throw at them and stand up to the endless washing required of all baby garments.

The fibre is also resistant to dirt so doesn't stain easily and it also dries much faster than other yarns. It is also incredibly colour fast, so can be washed again and again and dried in the sunshine (if we ever get any) and the colours will always look as good as new.

Where can I get mine??

If you are a retailer, looking to stock Kiddies Super Safe & Soft, you can visit the wholesale section of our website here.

If you are looking to buy Super Safe & Soft, please contact us for details of your nearest Cygnet stockist.

We also have some free patterns available on our website and more will be available soon.

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