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On the fifth month of #knitmas Cygnet Yarns gave to me: fiiiiiiiive childrens' patttterrrrrnnnnn

Sorry - super late again, I know, but we've got so much exciting new stuff arriving that I've had my hands full!!!!! (New Boho. That's all I'm saying!!!)

So this month, it's all about those pesky kids! Patterns for young babies and adults are always readily available, but I noticed as my daughter crept past that 24 month stage, the patterns became few and far between!

So I'm making it one of my aims in life to make knitwear available for kids of all ages! I'm certain that kids the world over will soon thank me for it!

So here are a handful of patterns to get us started. You're welcome kids!!!!

Cottony Crochet Jacket

Brand new to our website TODAY is this beautiful crocheted jacket, giving a truly modern twist to the trad granny square!

Utopia bolero

This cheeky little bolero can be knit up in just one evening and makes the perfect cover up for special occasions or a day at the beach!!

for all those little menaces out there

After months of being pestered for a Horrid Henry jumper I gave in and compromised with this! Although my little boy is more Freddie Krueger than Dennis the Menace!!!

grousemoor ilkley jacket

I've had to knit this in a larger size now because my daughter loves it so much! It makes a super cosy cardigan for the winter months, but she mostly likes to rock it over a pair of denim cut-offs in the summer months!

whopper rainbow cape

This beauty is enough to brighten up any outfit and kids adore the bright colours! It crochets up in no time!

Don't forget to share your makes on our Facebook Group page - share the love on all social media using #12monthsofknitmas :D

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