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On the eighth month of #knitmas Cygnet Yarns gave to me: 8 gifts for under a tenner...

Let's face it - we haven't chosen the cheapest craft. Non-knitters often think that people make their own clothes and gifts, but little do they know the time and expense that goes into creating our knitted and crocheted masterpieces. That's why, here at Cygnet, we make every effort to keep our costs down and in turn, keep our prices down.

As our prices are so low, you can easily create some beautiful gifts for £10 or less (although that's not accounting for the time, blood, sweat and tears that you might put into a project!).

Here's just a few of the options...

amigurumi bunny

Using just one ball of Kiddies Couture DK Prints priced at £3.49* per ball and a small amount of toy stuffing, this is an awesome gift for the super savvy savers out there!


This just uses a couple of balls of Cygnet Chunky Gems, priced at £2.40 per ball and you can easily knock up a couple of these bad boys in one evening!

entrelac tea cosy

This cute little pattern uses just two balls of Cygnet DK priced at only £1.95* per ball and is a great excuse to try your hand at a bit of entrelac technique!


You really can get an entire blanket out of just one ball of this beauty. Priced at £7.50* that's a bouncing ball of bargain right there!


This old favourite uses seven shades of yarn, but due to the amazing value of our Pato DK, you can still get everything you need for under a tenner! Pato DK currently retails at £1.29* per 100g ball.


Our utterly stunning Christening gown may look a million dollars but it only costs...wait for it...£4.80 to make!!! To buy something like this in a shop would be an obscene amount of money. Obviously there is some effort involved but I guarantee it will be worth it! This awesome pattern uses just two balls of Kiddies Supersoft 4-ply which retails at just £2.40* per 100g ball.

amigurumi unicorn

Using just one ball of Cygnet DK (£1.95*) and one ball of Kiddies Couture DK (£3.49*) this would be a perfect gift to find peeking out of Christmas stocking.

belle cardigan

This little beaut uses just one ball of our extra special anti-pilling/anti-bacterial Kiddies Super Safe & Soft DK (£3.29) and makes a great gift for anybody who is expecting.

*prices as per rrp at time of publlishing

Don't forget to share your makes on our Facebook Group page - share the love on all social media using #12monthsofknitmas :D

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